How much motivation do you think you are able to provide to someone else right now? No matter where you are on your fitness journey and no matter if you haven’t even started or maybe you’ve fallen off… my mission is to help you BELIEVE and KNOW that we are all FIT TO MOTIVATE! The little we do may seem incredulous to others and create a spark that fuels a flame of desire within them to do what they thought they could never!
We are FIT to encourage, FIT to empower; FIT to influence anyone we come in contact with! We HELP each other get HEALTHY, get STRONG, get LEAN and get our SEXY back- or maybe for the very first time, just feel CONFIDENT and PROUD of the skin that we are in! We do this just by being ourselves as we strive for what we want, as we strive towards our goals.
Judgment and negativity of any kind, on any level is never encouraged. Any venting session must end with a positive solution. This blog will serve as a safe place where all will feel uplifted and empowered to be the hot mamas that we know that we are and the badass chicks that we know that we all can be!
Tips, advice, stories, recipes, plans, ideas, encouragement and much more will be shared here. I invite you to join this community and see just how fit you actually are to motivate me and to motivate others.
So, in case you’re curious: How much motivation do I think you’re able to provide to someone else right now? …lots.